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Valencia - Barcelona , offer you winning soccer predictions for the derby.
The situation for Valencia

Valencia retained a chance to win after only a minimal 1-0 loss at the Nou Camp in the first match. On the eve of the clash, however, the hosts are not in good shape. They are currently in a series of 5 consecutive losses, this being their worst season since the start of the season. Three of these losses were from the top teams in Barcelona, ??Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid but could not have an excuse for the damage from Las Palmas and Alavez. Statistics in recent years are also not in favor of the "bats" and they have no victory as host of their rival in 12 consecutive households. If you do not want to bet on this game, you can also try the Efbet casino section on the Bulgarian bookmaker site.

The situation for Barcelona

Barcelona kept their door dry at the first meeting, but the lead from a goal is fragile, so you have to be careful. The earliest missed visit to the Espanyol Cup can also serve as a ear-ear, with their 1-0 defeat, which is their only defeat for the season. On Sunday, the Catalans were on track to repeat this loss, but this time they managed to win a 1-1 draw in a Championship match. Star Leo Messi was left on the bench in this game, but now he is likely to be the title again, as he did in the first game of the New Camp.

Earlier this season both teams finished 1: 1 at Mestaia in a championship match. No wonder now that we can see another or similar result again. After five consecutive losses, Valencia will try to end this series. Barcelona obviously has ambitions in this tournament as Valverde uses a lot of its players in previous tournament matches. New equality is most visible to us in this game.
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